Alternative Spare Parts

Fresh Water Generators – Plate Heat Exchangers

We can provide you with alternative spare parts for all models of fresh water generators and plate heat exchangers of ALFA LAVAL, NIREX, SONDEX, APV, GEA at very competitive prices . Our hands-on approach will save you time and money . We also guarantee top quality and long life .
Product range sorted by the European brand: ALFA LAVAL
  • JWP & JWSP -P16 /JWP-P26-C80 /JWP- P36
  • DPU 36-C125/DPU-36CA-125
  • A10/15/20/30
  • MX25B
  • M3/M6/10/M15/M30
  • P2/P14/P31P36P41/P45
  • A055/A085
  • H12/H17
  • J092/J107
  • N35/N50
  • R50/R55
  • S8/S21/S22/S47/S62/S65/S100/S100/S120/S121
  • SFD 13
  • NT100X/NT150S/NT150L
  • VT10/VT20/VT40/VT80/VT805
All spare parts come with a guarantee of 12 months .